The Alternating Developments of the EWC

January 2017


Dear all,

Lukas (Scarlet Rouge) and I (Ossídio Gaspar) have come to terms with the fact that no one is ever going to publish us. Therefore, we have decided to do the sensible thing of setting-up a publishing house with no starting capital, no future prospects and with the sublime intention to be anti-establishment and anti-capitalist. This should come as no surprise to any of you. However, given that we have nothing, we need to steal as much as possible from our friends. I think this comes close to what the meaning of friendship is.

The idea is to publish a collection of writing from the EWC as our first action under the umbrella of this new house. There are interesting online self-publishing resources available that can print books at a cost-effective rate. Lukas has found such a place that can print a single copy for an estimated 10 euros as long as we adhere to a certain length – which we obviously intend to. To start with, we would ask all of you who are able to read this to think of 5 pieces of writing you have posted on our prestigious blog, which you could tolerate seeing in print form. We would obviously like everyone to be on board with contributing to this project, insofar as it depends on your desire to see your writing published in this context.

Now, we are initially asking for 5 pieces, though, potentially, we could reduce each author to 3 pieces of writing – depending on the size after all submissions. So, with those five pieces, could you please select the three which you believe must appear in this compendium of brilliant people and their writing. Equally, with this selection, we are going to have an introductory page to each writer, which will precede the section of their respective texts/poems. This introduction can be anywhere between 1 to 200 words and gives the author a chance to either talk about themselves, their work or something arbitrary – if you can be brief enough, you could potentially do all three.

Once we have concluded receiving and putting everyone’s work together, sent it off to the proper places for the printing process to begin, there will of course be the option for all contributors and interested readers to purchase a copy for themselves. The cost of each copy for purchase will sit at the base cost of the printing, as Lukas and I fear any sort of transaction that produces even the slightest margin of profit.

Please start considering this opportunity and let us know what work you would like to submit, as soon as possible. We are looking to get this project underway in the short-term. A provisional timeline for submissions has been set for the 25th of January 2017 – if you cannot agree in yourselves on whether you want to, or what you would like to, publish by this point, give us some indication and we can be kind to you and work more in accordance with your schedule as well.

Much love,

Ossídio and Scarlet

June 2016


I, Ossídio.

After one year away from posting on this blog, I, Ossídio, am about to return. Reasons? Question-mark: ? Semi-colon: :

I am here to write, just like before. So, in fact, nothing has changed.

New work. Same writing. A familiar space.

A place for us. That looks like us. Our place.

Therefore, never to be left.

November 2014


One week after our anniversary celebrations…

We have a sister Circle: The Essex Artists Circle. It was announced on our anniversary celebrations and the idea with this second blog is to encourage and fit everything into it that is art, creativity, and not-writing. The distinctions will be as messy and as unclear as ever, to engender the multifariousness and difference(s) of artists who should like to become a part of this next project.

If you are immediately interested in joining the Artists Circle, then please send an email to or, you will be most certainly welcome and the space, as it has always been on the Writers Circle, is open to anyone who has the desire and love for creating and artistic expression. The only qualification is of course that you must love what you do.

Well, here is to another year! Here is to the new Artists Circle! And here is to all the beautiful writers who have made the Essex Writers Circle the powerhouse of youthful creativity and writing it is today!

My love to you all and with encouragement to those who will be joining us in the future,

Ossídio Gaspar


The show never went ahead. After the pilot, the plans for broadcast were interrupted. The show itself has been shelved until further notice.

Instead, we have begun – since a few weeks, now – Monday night readings. 8pm every Monday sees us gather together, the writers and followers, for an hour or more as most of us regularly read our latest writing and some of our older posts, too. We have met on the steps between squares 1 and 2 for the first weeks, and then last week the session was moved into a spontaneously occupied LTB4, and for tomorrow’s reading we will be in the newly opened Hexagon, which we hope will become our regular space, at least until the winter nights become less harsh. We will continue to meet up this way until further notice.

The essential is: Monday night readings at 8pm. All forms of reading are acceptably encouraged, including all forms of writing.

Also: 3 days until our first anniversary; 38 days until Christmas.

With as much love as always,

Ossídio Gaspar

July 2014


Hello fellow writers, friends and readers and welcome to this latest page at the EWC.

Here we will be posting news of developments happening outside of the writing space as such. It will also be used to reach out to our growing community of writers, and thus sharing whatever internal conversations we are having, with everyone else, as well. Presently, the creation of this page has been prompted by an idea that has gathered reasonable pace and support over the last few weeks. Starting next academic term, the EWC will have its own spot in the broadcasting schedule of RedRadio, the officially student run radio centre at the University of Essex. The show will be broadcast live, but we will be uploading podcasts on this blog to be freely available to everyone. The foremost intention with the show itself is to give prominence to writing, whether as an art form, a passion or a dedicated practice. In addition to this, we will be inviting our writers along for guest appearances. The show will be heavily directed by the blog and this means that there will be a few readings performed each week, carefully selected, and carefully approved by the authors. We hope that this will bring an alternative medium to the blog and further lend itself to other creative dimensions yet to be explored. Indeed, this is an exciting time to be a part of the EWC and it is our final hope that we will be able to include anyone interested, and ultimately give the necessary space to that which we have all loved, from the beginning.

Comments, suggestions and great ideas will, of course, be appreciated.

Welcome all. And here we go!

Ossídio Gaspar

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