And so it went...

Youthful writings no. 12321

You know that expression ‘heart in your mouth’? Or something like that. I know what it means now. Why? Because I’d allowed the feelings of my heart to travel up to my mouth.

“I love you.” Is what my uncoordinated little mind came up with for today’s topic of conversation.

Ultimately it was probably a good thing to say, as I meant it; I do love her! But, should I have said it then? Was it truly necessary too? The answers to these questions, I realised quickly, would come rather shortly.

The statement had clearly shocked her. As in, she looked shocked. Perhaps it was a reaction or something. To scare me? Test me? Make me figure if it’s real or not? I don’t know.

How long have I been thinking now? How long has she not said anything for!? Oh God! Please say something! Anything! What does this mean!?

At least no response means I haven’t failed, officially, yet. Perhaps no response is best then? I think it is. At least I haven’t failed.

This is good. Silence is good.

I do wish she would say something though!

You know who doesn’t reply to things in good time? Daniel. For the love of humanity he needs to get better at responding to people. I think I’ll tell him that when I finally get round to replying to his last message. Poor guy has just had his second child! I’m still writing cheap stories for basic entertainment, and he has created a second human!

I feel fairly insignificant just now.

I should really get my life on track…..

Tomorrow! Tomorrow, we start running! That’s it! We’ll be a runner! They seem to have it figured, those runners.

I hear salads are good too. I’ll make a nice little Caesar salad- I hear they’re quite the rave- and eat it while I’m planning on what running shoes to buy.

“I love you too.”

Oh wow. I don’t think I’m ready for two kids, the life of a runner and having to make my own salads. Let alone love!

“I want you to move in with me.”

That should scare her off a bit.

“I think you’re right! I’ve been meaning to find a new place; this allows us to do it together!”

Ahh, I didn’t really think this one through.

“Yeah!? I can’t wait.”

I’m going to put that runner salad stuff on hold now I think about it.