Come flock to the spectacle,
Around a pedestal quite accessible –
A veritable vengeance
Of veering chemicals!
Come observe the absurd,
A grounded blackbird,
Whose songs are sung
But seldom heard.
And come with others!
Bring your fathers, your mothers,
So they, too, may jab
The one with no cover,
No mask, no questions to ask.
An instinctive task to some,
Lacking knowledge of the past.
With this black sheep derided
Comes an impression short-sighted.
Somehow, a void is filled…
But no one is actually delighted…



Pale light paints the walls,
A beam catches my face –
With one eye, then two
I stare into black space.

At first I see only darkness
From my shallow perspective.
Then come the moon, the stars
And their cosmic collective.

And amidst this beauty
Reminding me of you,
I wonder to myself
If you can see it, too.

But perhaps you see instead
The shining light of day,
A glimmering in the way –
All to my dismay.

O how I wish you were here,
Bathed in this delicate glow,
Admiring the calm night sky
That only the heavens truly know.

But, were my being complete,
I would need not the night skies –
For their fortunes shine brightest
In the deep pools of your eyes.


White Morning

A stark, cold morning –
Not a cloud in the sky,
Nor a bird floating by –
Not a tear in my eye.
Radiant, brilliant as I wake,
Nothing may corrupt
Even as its pillars shake.
Concerned by quakes they make,
I truncate, still in the same state.
And I await
The next white morning –
A clean slate.


Next To You

Please let me be close to you –
I want to feel your love,
To feel your warmth
Dancing with angels above.

Please let me lie down beside you
Like, in a dream, I once saw –
In rhythm our chests rise,
Together in peace they fall.

Please let me wake up next to you –
I want to be awoken by the sun
Reflecting off your beautiful face –
Drifting through time and space.



Tu es parfaite,
On se complète.
On s’est entendu si bien.
On a fait presque rien.
On s’est tenu la main.
On aurait parlé le lendemain
Si tu m’as répondu –
Tu me laisses.
Sans cesse.
Tu continues.
Tu ne m’as même pas répondu.
Tu t’en fous.
Mais je suis flou
Et tu es nette –
Tu es parfaite.


Candle (Light)

I was once your candle,
Burning bright,
Dancing in the dark,
Persevering with my light.
But as I burnt with patience,
My being grew weak –
My light, dim –
My future, bleak.
Now you struggle to see in the dark,
From which I was distinguished,
That I am but a hollow candle
Whose heart has been extinguished.


The Winter View

The Warmth has left me,
The cold has taken its place.
I am empty,
I am without grace.

Colours begin to fade
And all turns to grey.
But you keep face
And I shy away.

Underneath my roof,
Aside the fireplace
I still shiver –
Energy gone to waste.

Without you, please know
That my teeth may chatter,
That I may freeze,
And that I may shatter.

I may appeal to Nature,
I may beg the trees –
To lend me their life, their colours
Before they, too, leave me!



Here it comes again,
Shaped by our end,
Born from our beginning.
In this mood I’m always grinning.
As I was pondering,
As my mind was wandering,
You shifted my attention,
A crucial intervention,
With ideas you that silently preach.
And the conclusion that I reach –
We are forever, my friend
And I am burnt-over, again.


Moon Country Ship

The Sun chases the Moon
To no avail, all in vain –
But fidelity is kept
And beauty is maintained.

Only the clouds caress the sky,
You notice as you look above.
You look to your feet –
Earth is constant, as is my love.

We may be stranded, apart,
But I’ll sail my Moon Country Ship
With controls set
To the centre of your heart.