The Gate

Paper, fire, sun and faith
I listen, I feel it
See it and believe…
That It can change – it’s not too late…

Just say a word,
That is the one, that brings
or burns the happiness I had.
Just make a move or die in pain…

You know it’s bad,
You knew it all…
Its darkness in your heart, it’s shame…
You put it on my face and ask to smile again?

The Step that I will take,
This move I have to make –
Will open or will shut…
The Gate.



Forever and again

The pain is there
It’s always been
You want it gone, but it wont go
Like happiness can go forever…

I’m running fast… It’s been too quick,
I need to wait, I need to stop and bring it back
I wanna wait – I want to chill…
I want that moment when I lived,
I want it back just for one feel…

That sense is fading; my eyes are closed
The pain is now my friend and pace.
Don’t change it now – it’s now too late…
Just keep it there, just keep it mate…

It’s there just to be safe
To keep me out of way
Don’t turn that way unless you want
The life to turn to Bible’s game…

It’s there just leave it there
Forget it now and then again,
Don’t bring it up, keep to yourself –
It’s dirt and waste…
Forget it now forever.




It’s only fair to say it now
You proved me right, or maybe wrong…
If I’m the devil – who’s my queen?
Or is there one?

The path is getting narrow
It’s burning hot and loud as hell
The noise is more disturbing
Than any voice there in The Light!

If you are there, just give your hand
To me and I will save you
From hell, or I will take you there!



No need

It has yet not been hard
To deal with all that noise
To meet requirements and needs
Of master that who rules
This field of wooden soldiers.

The moon has not been here just yet
But sun has left us long ago
And love and passion has been gone
For days or maybe weeks.
To bring the sadness and no peace.

And what am I still doing here
The mountain where I am no need.
My roots and seeds are missing in the sea…