Every day, it wakes

It feels, it waits, it expects

Every day, it wakes

Forced from sweet slumber

Seize the day! Make it yours! Make it count!

Yet every day, it wakes

It knows that it too, must survive today

Blinding sun, or its reflection on grey clouds

Movement, sound, sensation

And flickers of hope

It must survive it all

So every. single. day. it wakes.



The water approaches slowly

Barely daring to wet the sand

A little foam at the edge

Where the friction creates its own element

…and out again; and in again; and out again…

The water gets bolder

Washing up on the shore

Wetting sand, rocks and tentative toes

It’s about the right temperature – you can get used to it

You’ll probably adjust (quite quickly)

You just don’t control the waves.

…and out again; and in again; and out again…

There’s nothing unpredictable about being at sea

One cannot expect the tide to chill

It’s controlled by the moon, it’s lunacy!

Eventually the waves are all that’s left


…over and over and over it all…



I want to explore the human condition

Our flaws, our habits and the inane repetition

The attempt to find meaning in what we do

Thinking you’re better, one of the few

Tight smiles and bonus points for tight arses

Half full and half empty glasses

Couldn’t I just exist with the people I love?

No worries, no drama and no one above?

I want to explore but it’s disappointing and dirty

Career paths, bonds and having it all by thirty

So many attempts to do the same thing differently 

(“I’m worth it, I swear!”) Innovation, the greatest mystery

Each day explores the human condition

For I am a human and this is my condition. 



We were always just humans,

though I thought us above such

animalistic realities.


We got lost and

had been – for the longest time –

I thought you were taking me

past the bright lights

and civilised city.


We waded into the depths

of the greatest emotions,

then you wanted me to let go

and let you drown.


We separated as

your grip loosened,

but I was the one with lead tied around my leg.


We were separated

by raging waves,

with blood so hot it made

every wor(l)d burn.


We panicked and

as I searched for your figure,

a fear so feral that nothing could get close,

stole you from me.


We surfaced, one after the other,

two worlds shaken after the collision.


Our orbits shifting and feeble attempts to float against the gravity, failing.


Our perceptions and affections altered, time so precious and too long.


Our days on one planet were centuries on others.


Our knowledge became our ruin, as rewarding as the lies that become truths.


Our vision blurred, but I swore you were blinder than me.


No bueno.

​Dragged into the shadow-covered brightness,

Memory fails to remind us that 


Is not our destiny.

Consumed by fear of abandonment

And drained of adventurous spirit,

This version of us freezes (and hardens)

Pissed-off at the very core.

Denying what’s what and where’s here

Desiring to be anywhere,

anything but


This path

Twisted, perilous and deluded as it may seem

Has brothers and sisters of varying levels of success

That will, if permitted,

Foster a certain type of understanding

That only a sibling can reveal.




It waits and wonders
Provoking your response behind a masquerade of innocence
Gloating at your maddening disposition
Hoping to be recognised
For it exists
If only briefly
If only when you notice it and conjure up memories of long forgotten times 
You fight it
You command it to surrender and flee
Rebuild elsewhere with fresh intrigue
And briefly it relinquishes all of its intensity
Allowing you to breathe just enough
Until you are comfortable enough to
Drop your guard
It seeps in just like before
The pain ensues and somehow it has you in a vice
You want it to release you -please- mind, body and spirit 
When all along 
Your authority
Was all there ever was.





Calamitous whirlwind

Fierce winds attacking all that I love

Blown from a place of entitled resentment

Of fear and obsession

Of unwillingness or inability to adapt.

Catastrophic passage of time

Rapid unchangeable, unchanging

And yet unforeseen sequences

With consequences that rip souls apart

Debris covers all things

Nothing is spared.

The absolute absence of compassion

Superfluity of useless or poisonous words

Of malevolent thoughts

And ultimately nothing of any value remains:


We paint it with gold

With promise, desire and anticipation

Paint is no preservative

To avoid the rotting underneath.

Rot cannot be reversed

Nothing fresh springs forth anew

It can only aid something else, something more deserving

It’s time will come.