Distancing Introductions

Some Illegitimate Theory, “or just another (misplaced) post”.

The Essex Writers’ Circle is an indefinite and non-linear collaboration of various young writers who write either frequently or infrequently, well or unwell, writing decisively or writing against every will to make a decision in the process. The space of this blog is purposed to bring eminence to the reality of their writing, their moods and most of all to the effect of writing, as talent, desire or love. No writing here is good, and none of it can alternatively be bad: the mark of this circle is not an attribution of value, but precisely an intensity of writing realised in time and space, as apparatus, an attempt, towards the measure, the security and the retention of space and time, or absolutely none of these things.

And all of this must be equally wrong, if the blog is to be the realisation of any of these wrong things, things born in error. Here, we must not believe in legitimate or acceptable writing. Nor can this be an occasion for driven exhibitionism: rather, these writers want to share and develop writing amidst a circularity of peers who are imminently both mentors and students; The Essex Writers’ Circle will share in relationships that deform them and deform the structures of relationships, in themselves, so that these can altogether persist in the circularity. There can be no hierarchy; that writing necessarily breathe; so that it may breathe and live enclosed within a zone appropriate to its fluctuating life-force, its self-effacing determination. A life-force of impermanence, and already this as a form of writing, disclosed therein, without authority and legitimacy, as writing for writing itself. All pseudonymous.

If you reject The Essex Writers’ Circle, then you have simultaneously accepted its distance, and contributed to the writing of and in this circle, too. Commentary is welcomed and has its prominence on this blog. Commentary is writing. So contribute, too, actively through comments and additions as footnotes to posts, to these writings breathing and give them breath, your breath, and let the circle breathe further and live beyond The Writers, constantly re-established. Destroy its parameters by adding.

Or write.

As I have,

Ossídio Gaspar

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