Ossídio Gaspar

The in-between years

We stood in the corridor speaking of dreams we still had

Both semi-closed to the abundances of before that said otherwise

Whether or not it could be said again, the lights were half-lit so half-bright

We stood in that corridor giving it a distance for the time that was not yet done.


We laughed because we knew and, again, we did not

It was easier to say that way and it was funny because it was not at all

And it became funnier because we knew how much we did not know and all before it

Both reminiscent of how wrong it had been and yet seemingly how right we could still become.


We stood unhappy and tired and full of life

Two unfinished dream states in a post-bedtime corridor

It was funny to see but we still spoke louder than our own comedy

We stood in that corridor and put any dreams of being awake to one side.


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