Ossídio Gaspar

The paradox of sleeplessness

I fell asleep and out of the world

I fell into a dream before a dream

And woke up half-way there


I woke up before the light

I woke up in the day-to-day

And the world was not the world


All the shapes but hollowed in name

Before things are one way or another

I woke up in time for change


I started to dream in this dream

I dreamt about space and bodies

Because I woke up in time for time


I swam pixelated in a broken night

Awake but not opposed to sleep

In a darkness that is not unbrilliant


My thoughts danced around me

Dreams of what dreams could be

Fallen out of the world and into its sleep


And as everything had to fall apart

I was put back together again

Woken up after, a day after


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