Ossídio Gaspar

I do not know how to find you

No intentions in the meantime

My point of view is exploded by you, in the distance

The way I am thinking of you is going to teach me about thinking itself

You are everywhere


I am all over the place

I time the timing of the longer and shorter distances

I read that time in the hope of seeing some new intention

Since I cannot mean, I hope that you will end


I am closer again when you are slightly nearer than that

I am always going too far

I am switched between states of differently abled existing

Meantime you, teaches me something about existence


There are no intentions

I am left to look after you when you are not there

I try to look after what you have just seen

And therefore I cannot agree with myself


I cannot agree with the separations

They would somehow have to agree with themselves

So I cannot but think about the difference between thought and hope

Trying to predict it, by talking about you


And then by talking to you

Having already gone too far

With the one unbroken intention

To never stop talking to you.


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