I like early mornings

I like how the early mornings taste in my lungs. I like the silence of the streets, when the sun, shy, doesn’t know wether it should shine bright, or wait a little bit longer. I like how hesitant the first cars are, as if they were scared to dirty the empty roads. I like how the few people awake look like they’ve never left they dreams. I like how only a few curtains are opened, and how all the shops won’t lift theirs for another few hours. I like how everything is slow and quiet, how the city seems to be waiting for us to get up even though the world never goes to sleep. I like to see my breath whiten the air in front of me as the sun light slowly warms up the back of my neck. I like the sunrise, I like the dew, I like the early singing birds and the smell of fresh croissants. I like that jogger chasing God knows what by the river, and that old lady walking her dog before the pavement gets too busy. I like that little boy still sleeping while his dad takes him to the nursery, I like that woman making her way to the rumbling factory. I like those few brave souls, awake, alive before everyone else. I want to be one of them. I’ve been asleep for too long.


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