Unapologetic Blaspheme

Close your eyes, and allow my hand to soothe your mind,
allow my voice to free your soul,
allow my love to mend your heart.

The world has beaten you down, but together we will stand tall.
You will rise again, brandishing our faith,
piety and lust, ambition and humility.

Abandon their wine and flesh,
forbidden pleasures.
Join me, surrender to the intoxicating depravity.

Accept my words, accept my lies, may they be the only truth, tonight.
Forget their cry, forget their supplications, may the night muffle them.
Burn the book, burn your cross, may the night shine brighter. 

Tomorrow there will be no heaven, nor will there be hell.
So tonight, we can dance, to the sound of their prayers,
entranced by their canticles.

Shaming our Father. Being human.

Give yourself to me, and I shall give myself to you.
Let’s be scandalous together, eat my flesh and drink my blood.
Devour me, desperately, righteously.

I will not judge you, I will not show you kindness.
We will find absolution, in the most carnal sins.
And as you come, back to life, I will light your pyre. 

Close your eyes, and listen to your heart, beating.
I promise you, this is the calm before the storm.


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