Frank Hammersith

Hangovered Brazilian Dream

That’s almost all I managed to write today..

A title.

But what does this title mean to me?

Surely something very different or nothing to you.

But it means everything to me. Does that mean then, that if it means to me, it also means to you, because THIS as a whole may mean to you? Even if it means nothing to you, it actually might mean something. Through your choice of understanding of meaning (means/does not mean) I understand how it means to me.

This means.

I cannot go anywhere close to what I mean. Personally. As a whole. Differently but importantly for everyone.

Brazilian dream is like American dream but just less optimistic in its scope of ambition. Actually, Brazilian dream is so real that it’s not even a dream anymore. It’s a reality (!), which might be a dream already, but we do not know that yet.

It’s Brazilian because it is a dream that is unknown.
It’s Brazilian because it is not explored type of dream.
Because each dream might be a reality already, just unrecognised, sitting there in a different form of what is in one’s perception about dreams.

Subjectivity is endless. So is the Amazon river, stretching through Brazil and Brazilian dreams. But Amazon actually has an end, while subjectivity doesn’t.

I hope that You all dream and will never stop to do so, whatever type of dreams those are.
Just don’t forget to enjoy the present.

To Dijana – for being a dream in all senses of this word.
To Ruta – for being a true friend and dreaming Brazilian dreams.
To Stelu – for being a true friend.
To David – for being a true friend.
To Hugo – for a massive contribution to my perception of Brazilian dreams from the Brazilian perspective. I will see you one day.
To Thomas Bogg – for being a true friend, never letting me to forget the subjectivity and always showing me a different perspective, inspiring and inviting me to this Circle. 
To everyone that I read here and who read me – thank you for being a part of this circle.
To everyone that I forgot to mention – I am hangovered.


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