Scarlet Rouge

Poem of Pithy-Potty Proposals (or: a tiny *not so untrue* joke)

Retreat. Give up. Empty everything. Stop lying to yourself. Grasp hopelessness.

Don’t affirm again. Detest enough. (Mainly if it’s your first time.) See there’s nothing to see. Feel there’s nothing to feel. Conclude there is nothing to think of. There is nothing to think.

Hate everything. (Ignore mirrors.) Don’t fight them. Do not fight ever again. It’s not worth it. Nothing is worth anything. Step. Fall, if you live in a universe of gravity. If not – fall nonetheless. Force falling. (If it’s no effort.) It is no effort.

Don’t think you can laugh. You can’t. Don’t think there is love. There isn’t. Let beauty pass. Don’t chase it. Let it die.

Be bitter. Be more bitter. Stupefy yourself. Drink. (Don’t be drunk.) Sleep. Hide. Distrust swallowing. Crash. Cry, if you have to. Satisfy your needs. Never break again. Break down. Fail further. (If you prefer, kill yourself.) Don’t prefer. Who cares? No one. Not a single one. In the end you don’t matter. (As in the beginning – and in the meantime. Mean times? In deed, mean times.) You don’t matter enough to be important. Important enough for any decision. Actually: you do not matter at all. Nothing matters. There is no decision. If you can, shatter. (Don’t if not.) Who cares, we asked. Don’t ask. Quash all questions. Never reply again. It doesn’t work.

It never did.

„Eating and shitting are left.“ My ass! Bestow yourself on it. (On the other hand: don’t give a shit.) There is no power. There is no craft. There’s no skill. There never, never, never, never was a loss. Thus never be proud again.

You think you stand above it? You don’t. You’re messed up. So: if it’s necessary, fuck – alone or with others. Moan, but only in front of yourself. Suspend your relations. But don’t be violent. It’s WASTE. Just be ignorant. Ignorant enough. Abandon every excuse to be happy. Abandon every excuse. Be grim. Dismiss smiling. Don’t bring anyone to trial again. They’re all sentenced already. At least hope for it. Don’t go for it. (You can’t walk.)

Never defend again. Of course – don’t trust. (Don’t believe. Don’t be nice.) Don’t be kind nor anything else that is more pathetic than necessary. (By the way: don’t speak.) Don’t search. Don’t look for x,y,z. They take the piss out of you. Still, to be able to piss is no argument for carrying on. (NO, it is NOT.)

Neither is anything of this open to dispute. In fact, not a scrap. Nothing in nothing, nothing waits somewhere, especially not around corners. Nothing waits. Nothing ever started.

 End everything. End it now. End it. End.



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