Scarlet Rouge

Sehr sehr geil

It was she who ate salt and drank from the sea. Her lips were swollen at night and swollen at day, swollen in light and swollen in darkness. Even her sweat was dry like no wine. Thus she decided to go and to find a wise woman that dwelled in a tree on a mountain-like wave. It took her some time to get started but as soon as she did, she approached what she sought. But the wise woman, known as the best of all hosts one could ever imagine, gave her nothing to drink and nothing to eat. Moreover, it was not before noon that she stood up and opened her mouth. It was by then that she said

So wander further, my girl, and into thy paradox’s arms. It will be a thousand reliefs for your soul – because it’s your truth.

But why?, asked she who was salt with lips that were swollen: why?

To break in this moment my very-wise metrum: it is when I am intellectually desperate, daughter, that I eat a bread of Nutella. You have to know, this is a secret of mine, and I’m paid to relieve it. But let’s concentrate from now on on you, the wise woman said. Listen.

And the wise woman obeyed instantly herself with twenty big smiles.

And in the sound of a source that opened its mouth, there was one message that she who was salt had to read from the book of the sounds. And it said like a tortoise without its own house: You know, considered logically there is no difference between cheddar cheese and the only one we love. I mean, no difference whatsoever. No criteria to decide. You got it?

And the wise woman smiled one more time, and she said

The more comprehensive we are the less understanding. The more you think the less you conclude. And – I am finally sorry to tell this, but – as the freest you’re deciding the least.

And she paused. And then she continued with two and a half fingers piercing the wind:

So make your love out of cheddar, my darling. Conclude the sentence on thinking. And then decide nothing – but to be free.

And the wanderer ceased all her searchs in the end. And she found out that she did not found less than before. And her thirst ceased as well. And she had to forget that in fact she was vegan: she ate all her love like the sea eats the coast, and drank the blood from the arms of a tree whose name was „A PARADOX“. And last but not least: late in the night she became a wise woman that dwelled in a tree on a mountain-like wave. And in the branches among her there was a twofold equation without any metrum:

Acceptance is escapism. Awareness equals fear.

And the wise woman said:

Yes, trust me, I want you to build your nest in my hand. We’re those who fight in the fogs of abstraction for change, for this single change after which we can lose again someone and something.

And the wise woman asked for a bread of Nutella.


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