Meursault, Ossídio Gaspar, The Judge-Penitent, Vridd Skoggen

Vridd starts…

Without conflict in life a person creates their own internal enemies, then projects those shadows into life problems.
These people then take life personally. Which I personally think is pointless.
I spend my days trying not to breakdown and my nights screaming at my ceiling. I am my own worst enemy. My projector is large and my shadow long and dark.
I find my life to be pointless.


I empathise with your position,
I have previously shared your pain,
But continual focus upon this pain will provide no gain.

Life is a strain falling down an inconsequential drain,
However you can move your pain towards pleasure.

I urge you to cut away your tether,
To float like a feather,
To change like the weather,
All in the pursuit of your own forever.


There is no habit that will be lost without the habituation of another thing to take its place. There is change in the seasons, but there are reasons that have changed all of us. Seasonal change. Some good reason. But it repeats itself. It is not the change we want; the changes we need. Gift me an autumnal leaf in spring and I will change, for these are more reasons than seasons can explain. But for now, we all have our place.


I went round and round,
Spiralling ever down.
In the spring I worked and worked.
In the summer I fell in love.
In the autumn she would turn away from me.
In the winter I drank everything away.
On new year I hung myself.


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