Meursault, Ossídio Gaspar, The Judge-Penitent, Vridd Skoggen

Meursault starts…

The judge of all,
Pleasant and cruel,
Attender of balls,
Watchmen in the halls,
Orchestrator of the fall.

I hear the blissful many call,
And it’s back to you I crawl,
Seeing once again the divinity of your rule.


Masters in the deep
Let something seep
It drops
And then again, there was only
Looking like drowning
But I am afloat. An ocean of love
My heart’s keep.
They were tears.
Not mine
But those of the rulers of my heart.


These are laws of the loving ones,
Ruled, divided, watched and decided.
In rivers that run deep through the human soul,
All are punished.


In the end only love can save you from oblivion
The black hole in us all is shaped like a heart
When filled with love existence consists of nurturing and caring for the garden we plant over oblivion. LOVE OR OBLIVION


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